Awesome Features

Clorik is an online community where you can find content in form of photos, videos, links etc and connect with people sharing similar interests. Clorik helps you persue your passion

  • Create posts

    Create your own posts, showcase your talent

  • Follow People

    Follow other users and get their posts in your feeds

  • Acquire new skills

    Read blog posts and tutorials from other users and try them

  • Create own community

    Don't see your interest group, request it for creation.

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  • Discover trends

    See what's trending across the globe

  • Help Build Communities

    Engage with the content in form of likes and comments

  • Global reach

    Share your creation with everyone

  • Multilingual

    Browse app in langauge of your choice

App Screenshots

Boost your creativity and find everything you need to color your wings through Clorik Android app!

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Customer Feedback

We love our customers and crafty friends! See what some of them have to say about us! We take our work seriously and want you to be happy. We’re proud and honored to have received these positive comments!

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Anuj Yadav


The posts helped me with a lot of DIY school projects for my kids.

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Puja Rawat


Clorik made it so easy to navigate. It's so well categorized that I could easily reach to my interest.

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Rahul Sharma


I like painting and to my surprise I could find great sample paintings online via the shared content.